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Hi! My name is Lesley-Anne and I’m the founder of MeVest. We’re here to help you get financially fit for your lifetime. Our team leverages today’s technology to deliver education that helps you build financial security fast. Join our community of financially empowered people who have chosen to make friends with their money, and get financially fit.

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Money matters are about to get a lot more simple. We are a financial education company dedicated to helping you save more, spend smarter, and prepare well for your future.

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Most of us didn’t learn about money in school. If you’re like me, real life situations like buying your first investment, shaped your knowledge. Regardless of how much or little we know about finances, we can all use a helping hand with our money.

Lesley-Anne Scorgie, MeVest Founder & CEO

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Kelly & Marissa

Knowing that a lot of marriages break down over money issues, it was really important for us to get on the same page financially as soon as we got married.

FLIPP Corporation

After the workshop, our team members were excited to start their retirement savings plans using the benefits we have available through our organization.